demur(e) [b.1994]

Demure is a New York based artist born and raised in Queens who has been experimenting with a variety of different mediums such as wheatpaste, spray paint, oil paint, ink, gesso, and linseed oil.

The first time Demure began to find a fascination with street art was for a school art project in 2014. The topic was to focus on a a specific type of art and to recreate an artwork based on that technique. Demure chose street art and took the initiative of spray painting a stencil she hand cut that read “ALL THE ARMS WE NEED” featuring Edward Scissorhands embracing Kim from the beloved Tim Burton movie. Demure continued stenciling small images around her neighborhood where she found the process to be incredibly liberating and therapeutic. She was arrested once on the day she stenciled an image of V on the walls of 5points after they had infamously whitewashed the building.

Although this arrest left her uneasy, Demure has been exploring the streets of Brooklyn where she continues to wheatpaste images of Trump as a clown in addition to creating various hand drawn stickers. She has also been focusing on the image of a ram skull as her personal portrait and symbol.

Demure: (of a women or her behavior) reserved, modest, and shy.
Demur: raise doubts or objections, show reluctance





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