JON x NY : Freak in the Streets

Freak in the Streets the exhibition by JON x NY uses the artist own collection of developing character silhouettes to tell universal and personal stories. The images are rearranged and layered over a base of undercurrent symbology resulting in graphically pleasing and deceptively simple and powerful statements about life and its universal themes of love, apathy, war and hate. The works are inspired by simple Javanese shadow puppetry and Kabuki theater, where the same group of characters are used over and over to tell a variety of stories.

“We stopped talking to each other socially.and politically. Pictures bridge the gap and can connect us to universal truths. Artists today function like modern day pictographers, similar to the hieroglyphs of old.,” Eric explains, “I love simple pictures built up, overlapping, creating intentional and unintentional stories and meaning.”

JON x NY is the Pop Conceptual alter ego of long time New York Classical Realist artist William Eric (Indursky). Eric has exhibited the last 20 years with his Classically inspired Realist oil paintings and sculpture while intermittently working in a Pop-Art mode under the pseudonym JON x NY.

“There was a time that I believed I had to keep my two world’s completely separate. But if someone like Beyonc√© can create her most important album as her alter ego, why can’t I do the full range of art that I love and come out as ‘bi-artistic,'” pleads Eric.

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