Angelo Blanda [b.1978] : Brooklyn, version 2, 2019.


Angelo Blanda [b.1978]
United States
Brooklyn version 2, 2019
Flashe vinyl paint on watercolor paper
24 x 18 inches  [unframed]
Hand signed at lower right

Hand painted multiple
Edition: 1 of 10 of each color combination

Dimensions N/A
Angelo Framing

Framed in black wood, Framed in natural wood, Framed in white wood, Unframed

Angelo Color Combinations

Naples yellow / Red ochre 2-tone


Raised on a steady diet of Punk Rock and pop culture, Angelo Blanda (b.1978) was born in Queens, New York, but spent his formative years in the Southern California town of El Cajon, where Skateboard and Chicano street culture were seared permanently into the back of his retinas. In later years, he would move back to New York and begin his schooling in the local hardcore punk scene, learning to create high impact posters and flyers far ahead of any formal training.

Attending the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, he studied as an Illustration major, continuing his interests in poster design and broadened his repertoire through the work of the Russian Constructivists, as well as the work of the Mid-century American movements in art and advertising.

Channeling this background through the lens of Post-war American Consumerism, Angelo’s work seeks to bring together and elevate the disparate detritus of 20th-century Pop culture, both high and low, to celebrate the unloved, the ignored, the discarded and the mundane, to ultimately combine them together in a cohesive, organized composition.

In his latest work, we find the artist primarily working with a warm color palette, heavily inspired by the mid-1970s interior and commercial design of his childhood. The color fields created are then organized into a modular, mid-1960s design trope which are brought together and anchored by the figurative elements presented within.

Working for the last two decades in the underground, he’s come up for some air and to see what everyone is up to.

Angelo’s work is included in many private collections across the U.S. and has been exhibited in public spaces across the New York metropolitan area.