Robert “Master Moody Mutz AA” Guidetti [b]

Robert “Master Moody Mutz AA” Guidetti is a multidisciplinary NYC graffiti artist. His work is recognized for its clean lines, bold colors and the gritty influence of 80’s and 90’s New York nostalgia.

With homemade fatcaps and a Jansport full of cans, Mutz started bombing the streets of Bensonhurst as a kid. He grew up during a time when legal spaces were non-existent, alongside the vandals of the Wild Style era.

Known as the writer’s writer, in graffiti where alter egos are the norm, Master/ Moody/ Mutz pushes himself deeper in the recesses of his own mind. He continues to shift between his various identities as an artist and a bomber, finding peace in neither camp. Where Mutz destroys, Moody creates and Master schools them all. And through each fracture, he continues to create a body of work that is as unique as his legacy.





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