SacSix [b.]

In 2006, SacSix moved to NYC to make TV commercials, as a creative art director in advertising. Immediately, he fell in love with the city streets and the art covering its walls. Instead of frequenting galleries and museums, he walked the streets for hours in search of art. After 9 years of photographing street art, he decided it was my time. SacSix had done his research and he had some ideas. His only goal was to make art that connected with people, stop them in their tracks and make them smile. In December 2015, he put up my first wheatpaste, on the streets, and it changed his life forever.

His art has since been used by MTV, Adidas, Four Loko, the Grammy’s, Spike Lee and he was named by Art Net as 1 of 10 global street artists to keep an eye on.





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